How to Get the Uprise Facebook Buff

When you have your uprising buff, you receive +%30 Attack and +%50 Defense to ALL our Heroes. This buff last 8 hours and it can be reapplied immediately after it drops.

To get the uprise buff, you need:

Your Facebook ID: Click HERE to find yours (must be logged into Facebook)

An alt Facebook account or a friend to help you with the 10 clicks.

Log into your Alt Facebook account and paste the following link:

Replace the long number after the F= with YOUR Facebook ID (typically starts with a 1).

Change the date to today. The date is 2013.4.14 in the example.

Copy and paste the NEW URL and hit ENTER.

Click the buff.

Paste the link and change the seconds in the time to create a new link.  The second is the 00 after 21.28. (for 9:28pm).

Click the buff.

Repeat the change of the seconds until you have 10 clicks.

Log into Evony and refresh a hero noted the attack number and you should see the increase.


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